Meet The Team

Welcome to Homemade & Happiness – a vegan food & lifestyle magazine for everyone who already is vegan, interested in becoming vegan or just enjoys to try out some fresh, delicious and healthy recipes. We see it as our calling to inspire people to develop a happy and healthy relationship with food, their own bodies & to the world. Especially now, in this day and age, more than one million people die from diseases in the United Stated which are linked to bad nutrition and a stressful & disconnected lifestyle. That is why, it has never been more urgent and important to understand the connection between food, the environment and last but not least physical and emotional health.

Kristina Koch

Krissi, a journalist and vegan since 2017. She is one of the biggest food enthusiast you can possibly find. Krissi grew up in a family where homemade food was not only a big priority due to health reasons but also the social aspect of coming together, sharing a wonderful meal & having great conversations. In between herbs, fresh vegetables and homemade sauces, her family would discuss recipe ideas and everyone would take part in preparing a meal.

For Krissi, food has always been the most important thing in her life. The curiosity what’s out there and needs to be tasted, combined and optimized, pulls her every morning out of the bed with new ideas and inspirations. 2016/17 after having a food blog for two years, she finally published two cookbooks in Germany. Wherever she goes and whoever she meets, her recipes, enthusiasm and knowledge goes with her and we wouldn´t be surprised if in this exact moment, she’s talking to someone about how to make their own Kombucha…

Doris Gross

Doris is a journalist, bestselling author and founder of Fempress Media, the publisher behind Homemade and Happiness and several other magazines. Her heart beats every day for things which are bigger than her ego, and she loves the art of telling inspiring stories. The urge for doing something in the creative field was sparked in her quite early, at already 15 years old.

She always wanted to write and to inspire people in capturing the positive things in life. After years of working with the best mentors, she has not only developed insanely in the following years, but also found the courage to live her dream of running her own publishing business.